Video Assignment

For my internship with Texas Nurse Practitioners, I interviewed a nurse practitioner from the Texas State Student Health Center to spotlight her for our NP Spotlight Series. NP Laura Greek shares a heartwarming patient success story of a former Texas State student, who she still keeps in touch with today. I interviewed Greek in a clinic room, captured b-roll of her working throughout the student health center and I also played the role of a patient while the camera was on a tripod recording us. I edited the video on Adobe Premiere, and kept the video short and sweet for social media purposes. Texas Nurse Practitioners is a non-profit organization in Austin supporting the nurse practitioner community.

Digital Design Project

For my graduate-level Digital Media Design course with Dr. Cindy Royal at Texas State's School of Journalism and Mass Communication, I created a digtial project online from scratch. The multimedia site sheds light to all of the hard-working nurse practitioners who selflessly serve beyond just healthcare.

Managing Digital Content

For my graduate-level Managing Digital Content course with Dr. Daniel Carter at Texas State's School of Journalism and Mass Communication, I implemented a content strategy through WordPress for Texas State's radio organization KTSW (89.9). After auditing KTSW's social media, I found the organization was lacking in social content interactivity and engagement, specifically on Instagram. To increase user interactivity and engagement for the organization's Instagram, I created a web page similar to the popular LinkIn.Bio tool used by various media organizations. I created a web page instead of using the third party LinkIn.Bio tool so more user traffic can be driven directly to the organization's website when the web page link is clicked on by users. The web page link was created to be placed in KTSW's bio just as the would be. The web page shows a picture grid with six featured images from trending blogs for that week. When clicked on, each image will directly take a user to that featured image's blog.